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The broken agency model has been fixed. We listen to your needs, ignite a fire, and bring business to your doorstep. Our staff has experience in creating and managing top performing social media & digital campaigns. We handle everything from idea creation to photography to artwork – all the way down to managing the advertising spend.

CEO & Founder, Meredith Soleau, has been there and done that when it comes to social media. After the fallout of the automotive industry in 2008, Meredith’s employer asked her to take over the dealership’s digital and social media marketing. She turned the numbers around and discovered her passion – growing businesses.

Eventually she quit working for other people, and started her own boutique social media agency, breaking all the rules of her competition. Today 424 Degrees is in high demand with over 50 clients. Where does the name come from? Well, we’re hot. Super hot. And we’re ready to deliver a huge ROI for your business.

The Skills That Matter The Most

Reason Why You’ll Love Us

Out Of This World Content

It’s creative and unique for each client, day in and day out. You get visually stimulating ad copy & campaigns that get noticed.

Unique and Creative

We create content for your company, in your voice. You don’t have to worry about it. We’ve got this.

24/7 Social Media Management

Mark Zuckerberg didn’t design Facebook to clock out at 5pm, so neither do we. Nights and weekends, we’re here for you.

Delivered To The Right People

Not only is our content creative, but we also show it to the right consumers. Our campaigns are highly targeted.

Latest Trends

We know the latest trends, how to beat algorithms, and how to push you to the top of the feeds.

We impress our clients time after time again with our wit and creativity.

Onsite Training

Onsite Training is provided for your staff. We turn them into your best brand ambassadors.

Let's get the employees excited!

We will teach your employees how to increase leads & measure ROI through their personal social media efforts.

Make It Rain

We make it rain at your business. And We’re not talking about liquids!

That’s Our Job

We totally get it. Dollar, dollar, bills y’all… Let’s make you rich.

Selective Clientele

We want to be excited about your product. We’re selective about who we work with for that reason.

Go Team!

We’re your biggest cheerleaders. Your brand is our business, and we want business to boom.

Digital Marketing Made Simple

Social Media Management

We impress our clients time after time again with our wit, creativity, and speed. Our content isn’t run of the mill.

Our creative team creates unique content for each client, day in and day out, in your voice. You don’t have to worry about it. We’ve got this. Our advertising team then takes that content and targets pinpoint audiences with a high level of accuracy.

This is 24/7 social media management. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t design Facebook to clock out at 5pm, so neither do we. We will show up to your events to capture content in real time, even if those events fall on a weekend.

Oh, and we don’t work with every single brand. Sorry, but we actually have to like you and what you’re doing in order to properly get excited about you. It’s just who we are and what we do.

We love shoes. If you sell shoes, we should talk.

We wrap everything up for you in one monthly bill. No surprises. The costs for promoting posts are included in our monthly management fees. Cost will vary based on your industry, advertising spend, content, and the platforms you choose. Finally, we prove ourselves to you with accurate monthly reports and detailed explanations of analytics.

We perform onsite trainings with your staff. After all, who better to be your best brand ambassador than the people who work there every single day. We teach your employees how to increase leads and measure ROI through their personal social media efforts.


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Who Are We

Our Goal

At 424 Degrees we strive to give you the best digital marketing experience provided by the best team of social media enthusiasts. Social media has taken over how we see our news, communicate with customers, and spend most of our day. We want you to reach the top of everyone’s feed and always get the most out of your social media marketing efforts. Because our brand is so important to us, yours will also be important. We become part of your business. Whether you’re selling cars or cocktails, 424 Degrees is here to help.

Meredith Soleau

CEO & Founder

Shaun Soleau


Ashley Lake

Social Media Manager

Rachel Smith

Social Media Manager

Devon Roeder

Community Manager

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