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CEO & Founder, Meredith Soleau, has been there and done that when it comes to social media.

After the fallout of the automotive industry in 2008, Meredith began blogging. She thought maybe she could rich on the internet and quit her HR job. Maybe a book deal would come out of it. She quickly grew a loyal following. Meredith began getting recognized by bigger news outlets, and her employer took notice.  They asked her to handle the dealership’s digital and social media. This is how she discovered her passion. Corporate social media marketing.

Eventually she quit working for other people, and started her own agency.

Where does the name come from? Well, we’re hot. Super hot.

Social Media Management

We know the latest trends, how to beat algorithms, and how to push you to the top of everyone’s feed.

We impress our clients time after time again with our wit and creativity.

Our content isn’t run of the mill.

It’s creative and unique for each client, day in and day out. We also target peak audiences and times of the day. We create content for your company, in your voice. You don’t have to worry about it. We’ve got this.

This is 24/7 social media management.

Mark Zuckerberg didn’t design Facebook to clock out at 5pm, so neither do we.

The cost for promoting posts are included in our monthly management fees. Cost varies based on how much content and which platforms you choose.

Oh, and we don’t work with every single brand. Sorry, but we actually have to like you and what you’re doing in order to properly get excited about you. It’s just who we are and what we do.

We love shoes. If you sell shoes, we should talk.

We will also perform monthly onsite trainings with your staff. After all, who better to be your best brand ambassador than the people who work there every single day. Finally, we teach your employees how to increase leads and measure ROI through their personal social media efforts.

dollar dollar bills yall

Our job is to make it rain at your business. We totally get it.

Social Media Recruiting

We’re handing you the hottest candidates. The ones who will never apply to a Help Wanted advertisement.

We find them where they hang out – online. We network with them, and then pull the best of the best from your competition.


Once we get to work on an assignment for you, we don’t rip your employees out of your dealership or restaurant. This is why we are extremely choosy about who we take on as clients. We only want to place people in better work environments with better pay.

We’re giving you a 30 day trial period with our candidates before you ever pay us. We’re invoicing you one flat fee per head. We don’t believe in calculating percentages of first-year income in an industry that works on a commission. That’s impossible.

We specialize in the car business and restaurants when it comes to recruiting.

Pricing is based on how difficult it is to find someone and your requirements. Typically a Sales Consultant fee would be $1,000 per head, and it goes up from there depending on your market and job difficulty. That, my friends, is affordable. It costs more to run all of those help wanted advertisements.





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